Blackberry Priv arrived

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Blackberry Priv (azerty)A few weeks ago, Tuesday to be exact, I got an update that the new Blackberry Priv Azerty model was available. I was waiting for this news update since November. So, happy as I was, I ordered immediately.

Thanks to Centralpoint my Priv arrived the next day. But because of all festivities we had going on around New Year, I only had time to activate and use the basics. Up until last week, where because of work I got to know my Priv a lot better.

I must say, I was uncertain about Android. But the physical keyboard for me was the big selling point together with a big screen.

After two weeks now, I’m a happy Priv owner. Ofcourse, there are things I don’t like also. But, I had this with my previous Blackberries also. (the app gap, the smaller screen, …) Now I have those covered, I have other negatives like Android’s steep learning curve, the app clutter, the messy notification area, the lock screen, the settings for sound profiles, … but for most of them I found a workaround. That might be the biggest adjustment. For Blackberry you didn’t need workarounds, for Android it feels like everything is a workaround.