How Jan Festjens looks likeDriven by InnovaTion, I started as a child in the nineties to tinker with PC’s and laptops. Soon I saw the possibilities to automate (in my dreams) everything. To be able to get something done I combined studies in Informatics and, later, Information Management together with a part-time job in an IT call center.

I found out that corporations had a lot of processes, which I thought, could be much more simplified and … automated. So my first full-time job after my studies was a combination of development, IT management and Project Management. The software company made medical records digital and I was able to launch and implement this software into medical care institutions.

I wanted more so I joined another software company which automated point of sales systems. I was able to work together with brilliant developers and engineers in an international environment and managed to roll-out software and hardware in UK and France. After 10 years of software development and project planning, I changed my focus on IT management. I helped a multidisciplinary group of architects to bring their IT department to the new era. Being cloud enabled and service oriented, we where able to focus again on users and their needs, instead of focusing on doing one upgrade after the other. Or solving issues with infrastructure and doing maintenance. Which … can be automated 🙂

During this last endeavor, I got the taste of doing more of this. I started, together with Jan Smets, ITbrouwerij. A company focused on CIO as a Service and Security as a Service advisory roles. Lot’s of SMB companies are still handling IT as a cost and a burdon. That’s something I would like to change. Because I believe IT should enable the business and not visa versa. At the same time that we founded ITbrouwerij, I also started working for Cloudalize. A company with a vision to … automate the cloud. Cloudalize brought me back to my roots. Combining IT infrastructure, software development, automation, scalability, … and much more.

If you ever need a clear view on IT, product or infrastructure strategy, … I’ll be happy to help out.